Landlord and Tenant Law

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Landlord Remedies upon a Breach of a Residential Lease by Tenant

Landlords can be put into precarious situations upon a breach by a tenant. Normally the contract, or lease agreement, signed by the landlord and tenant will spell out what constitutes a breach, and what remedies may be available to the landlord in the event a lease is terminated.

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Often a tenant will want to make improvements to the premises that it is leasing from a landlord, and sometimes the lease agreement will require the tenant to make improvements.

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Landlord Considerations in Leasing Commercial Property

By: Kyle Jensen, Esq. Clark, Campbell, Lancaster & Munson, P.A A commercial lease agreement is an agreement between an owner of commercial real property, known as the landlord, and a third-party desiring to rent such commercial property, known as the tenant. The lease agreement provides the tenant with the right to use the property, sets […]