Labor and Employment

Tips on Tips: How Business Owners Can Handle Employee Tips

Tipping is a clear process that most of us consider second nature at this point. However, the law behind the tip, and how employees and employers utilize the tip, is less clear.

Construction Liens – Timing is Key

Under Florida law, certain individuals and entities who provide labor, work, or materials for the improvement of real property may have a lien on the real property for the value of the labor or materials supplied.


By: Clark, Campbell, Lancaster & Munson, P.A. Q: Can an employer restrict or prohibit an employee from competing with the employer once the employee’s employment has ended? Employees, under Florida law, are limited in their ability to compete with their employer while employed by the employer because employees owe their employer a duty of loyalty. However, […]

Specific Performance and Indentured Servitude

Q: What happens when I prepay for work but do not receive the service requested?

Off The Clock Time

Q: My employees complain that they should be paid for traveling to job sites, computer startup time, and other time when they are not actually doing work. Are they right?

Independent Contractors

Q: How is an independent contractor different from an employee, and why does it matter?


Q: My employee returned from maternity leave and must express milk regularly. What are my obligations when she requests a break and private space?