Tax Law

Tax Deed Sale or Tax Deed Fail?

Q: I’d like to purchase property at an upcoming Tax Deed sale. What do I need to do, and what should I be aware of?

Moving your Trust to Florida

You finally did it. You worked hard, put the kids through college, saved enough money, and now your movers are packing up a moving truck destined for the warm Florida climate.

Homestead: More than Just a Property Tax Exemption

Most people know that there is a tax break available to them on their home (house, condominium, co-ops apartments, and some mobile home lots also qualify). The way it works is that a tax exemption can be applied for at the local property appraiser’s office on a person’s home if the person owns and lives in the home that they are trying to obtain the exemption on by January 1 of the year they are trying to claim the exemption.

Collecting Taxes on Collectibles

Do you have a collection that you wish to sell? If so, the IRS may determine that your collection is composed of “collectibles” and apply a 28% capital gains tax rate to any gain you may acquire from the sale of your collection. Generally, for most taxpayers, the capital gains tax rate is 15%.

Federal Historic Tax Credit

Q: What are the general requirements for the Federal Historic Tax Credit?

REEP Credit

Q: Planning ahead for my 2016 taxes, can I get tax credits or deductions for installing energy efficient products in my home?

Federal Tax Liens

Q: The IRS has filed a tax lien against me, and I would like to sell my home. What should I do?

Making Sure Your Donations Are Deductible

Q: During the Christmas season I donate money and toys to various organizations. Are these donations tax deductible?

Greening May Not Cost You So Much Green

Q: Greening has decimated my small orange grove. How can I remove the trees but still retain the grove’s agricultural designation for property tax purposes?