Elder Law

Easier Access to Special Needs Trusts Finally Arrives for Disabled Individuals

By: Kevin R. Albaum, Esq. Clark, Campbell, Lancaster & Munson, P.A. A bill known as the Special Needs Trust Fairness Act (the “Act”) has been working its way through the legislative process for a couple years now.  Finally, on December 17, 2016, President Obama signed the Act into Federal Law. The law became effective immediately. A first […]

Proactive Planning for Senior Medicaid Programs Makes the Process Easier and Saves Money

Q. When is it recommended to meet with an elder law attorney to discuss Medicaid issues and planning?

Guardian Advocacy

Q: My child has a developmental disability and is about to turn eighteen years old. How do I protect and continue to care for him?


Q: What is probate, and should I craft an estate plan to avoid it?


Q: My father has difficulty living on his own. Does he need a guardian?

Adding Durability to Your Estate Plan

Q: How do I delegate authority in the event I become incapacitated?

Will Must Be Equivocal As to Intentions

Q: Must I revise my will when I acquire new assets?